The Incredible Holts

The Incredible Holts
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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Eve Tradition

Now that I am in charge, I have made some traditions with my kids. One of the traditions has been baking all day on Christmas Eve with Katherine and Jes.Kennedy isn't into this at all.

Katherine and I are going to give Martha a run for her money.

Ofc. Holt doing what he does, being a Rockstar

We love this tradition. Thanks kids!
Another tradition we have is opening one present on Christmas Eve, which just happens to be PJs. This year Colby and I exchanged our gifts too! Dont laugh too hard at my face, okay?
Sweet Tay

Kennedy getting excited about opening some PJs.
Martie loving her Pjs, she is so much like her mother, as you can see below.My incredibly adorable son.
Ofc. Holt getting ready to open his present, now seriously don't laugh!

He went to Jared's! Seriously, you said you wouldn't laugh! Yikes, next year I am totally doing my hair and makeup after I finish baking!
Here is the story. My mother lost my wedding set, and after 2 years of looking for it she found it. She called Colby and he got it fixed. It was a huge surprise... I thought I would never see it again.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas memories

I started this post over a week ago, but hesitated to post it. Before I go into all of my family Christmas memories, I would first like to express my gratitude for my brother Jesus Christ. He is the reason we celebrate Christmas, and it was the miracle of his birth and life that the world comes together and celebrates on this day.

My cousin Sharon gave me the challenge to blog my favorite Christmas memory. At first I thought, "Well, I don't really have a favorite." But after some deep thinking, I started to recall a lot of fun and happy memories. Here our my top five favorite Christmases and if I do this correctly I might add in some video:)

#5. "The Drill" Growing up my parents had very little money, but some how some way we always had a great Christmas. My Dad would always buy my mom something and the same with my mom. Well I guess my dad had been wanting this drill that cost $80 and my mom told him that she wouldn't buy it. We didn't have a lot of money, and 80 dollars in the late 80's was definitely a lot of money. Anyway, my Dad thought he was a real comedian when he decided to buy my mom the drill. I am sure all the ladies that are reading this took a deep breath because we all know that this is mean and cruel. Anyway it is all on video and so the memory has been captured forever.

#4. "There is a Santa!" I posted this memory on my cousins blog, but I still would like to share it. All of my aunts had 2 kids, one boy and one girl. This was the same for my mom, except my mom was the only one that had her girl first. So if you haven't figured it out yet, the only cousins I had my age were boys! Anyway, it was probably Christmas of 1988, we were all outside Aunt Marsha's house, this was the usual spot for Christmas Eve. Jason, Josh and Mickey were convincing me that there wasn't a Santa. I remember looking in the Arizona sky wishing that I could see a sign to prove to these three boys that there was a Santa and that I was right! I can still remember their taunts of how "dumb" I was. The magic of believing is so a great feeling, a feeling that I still try to capture every year.

#3. "She's actually coming for Christmas?" Christmas of 1994 was a magical year. I was 15 and as my Christmas present my mom was sending for my cousin Margaret to come out from Kansas to spend the Holidays. It was one of the greatest Christmases with some of the greatest moments captured on video! We decided to make a music video, of course I would be the singer :) Anyway, we put on a performance that has gone down in Christmas history as "The Pretty Little Dolly" Christmas. And let me just add that "on the back if you turn the key, she goes through puberty." Love you Margarita!

#2. "Doing good" Christmas of 2005 was a year of miracles. I was in on a big secret in my ward, I don't want to go into details but this was a magical Christmas, the spirit of giving is just a magnificent feeling.

#1. "The Red Dress" If you have never heard of the Red Dress, well I don't have all day to explain it, but I will try to write some cliff notes:
It all started with:
Some rotten oatmeal cookies
Velvet Red Dress that was worn TOO many times
Mrs. Doubtfire and T'was the night before Christmas
A very Scary heart attack
A family that won't let things go

It all ended up with:
An open heart surgery
A Hospital that will never be the same
A heart shaped pillow made from the Velvet Read Dress
13 years of memories that will never be forgotten.

You are probably wondering where are the Christmases are from the years of me being married. Well they are special too, however now that I am an adult Christmas sometimes carries lots of stress and work. I am trying to create the same great memories and feelings that my mom and dad created for Kenny and me.

We have made lots of special memories with our kids, Ofc Holt and I. We have lots of traditions we do every year. This year, our routine on Christmas morning is going to be quite different. Some of our traditions are going to have to change some. Ofc. Holt works on Christmas from 5am to 3pm which is basically the whole day. I have already shed the tears, so I have accepted the idea. Anyway, I am trying really hard to make this year as special as all the others without the presence of my husband. I love my kids and the memories I am still creating each year with them.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday, Yay!

It's Monday and I am so excited to be finishing up the second quarter of school and the last week of school for the year 2009!
Changes are on the horizon... Yesterday our ward was split, Ward splits are tough, always have been. I am sad, but this time for different reasons. I am sad that I am going to get released from my calling :(. I will miss all of those YW that I get the honor of teaching every Sunday. I will miss my friends too. Some of them I have known for a really long time and we have outlasted lots of splits, but it has come to a point where we were separated. I am sad. But to look at the positive side, we still get to go to the same building and we don't have that long drive. I feel bad for those who do have to take that long drive to the stake center. It's not like it is that far, but when you get used to leaving your house 4 minutes before church starts, it is hard habit to break!

11 day till Christmas and I have a lot of shopping to do, anyone up to shopping with me on Saturday? I need to buy for my brother, sis n Law, Ofc. Holt, and Taylor (ummm... and maybe one little gift for Marley).
Hope everyone has a great week!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tuesday, blah...

It is Tuesday, nothing too exciting happens on this day, but 5 things that happened to me were:

5. Battery was dead on the Armada when I tried to go to work... thank goodness it was Ofc. Holt's day off.
4. I taught GCF today, I love Math.
3. Ofc. Holt brought me Duck and Decanter for lunch, he is AWESOME!
2. Convinced the girls to donate some of their old toys to charity.
1. Remembered to put in a load of G's in the washer (that was mighty important!)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

1 Shepard, 2 Ward parties, and a partridge in a pear tree...

Ward Party
Saturday night was our ward party. It can be described with three words: Big, Cold, and Uplifting. I love going to ward activities, but to be true to myself, it has been a long time since the Holt family has attended a ward function. I am not going to explain all the reasons why. Anyway, we had so much fun that we attended two ward parties in one night. One of the main events in our ward was the nativity play. This was definitely the high light of the night, and maybe for me it was because my son was a Shepard, who knows :). Here are a few pics in case you missed it.
Rehearsal (Colby with green jacket on)

Actual play (Colby with blue towel on his head)

After we left the ward party (we left early because, simply, I was FREEZING) we went to Vineyard's Ward party. Ofc. Holt went with us even though he was tired. It was nice spending time together on a Saturday, even if it was just for a few hours. The kids had a lot of fun and we were all in bed and asleep at 8:30 PM.

Craft Day/Family Day

Craft Day
I got a chance to craft with my family. It was awesome, and the company was great! I snapped a few pics. Also, I know that my last posting said that I was going to try and blog at least every other day, well obviously that didn't happen. BUT, I have been taking pictures with the intentions of blogging, so I will get those postings done soon.

This is me pretending to be exhausted from running the Cricut for all of my Aunts.

My Aunt Candi being creative!

Aunt Tam making some stuff