The Incredible Holts

The Incredible Holts
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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Priesthood and the incredible MER

First you might wonder, "What is a MER?" It's an acronym for Major Eye Roll. 

Learned it from Tiffany.  

Anyhow, what does an incredible MER and Priesthood have in common? MY SON! 

Last Saturday was the Priesthood session at the STake building.  My son was fighting me tooth and nails and didn't want to go.  I asked him to go with his grandpa because his dad worked. 

This has been an on going  battle for me... how do you raise a young man in the church who honors his priesthood and has the desire to serve a mission when his father hasn't been to church in almost 4 years??? That's what I'm talking about! Now, please understand that Ofc. Holt works on Sundays and tries to attend whenever possible, but basically I'm on my own here :).  

Colby (my son) is a good kid, don't get me wrong, and I am sure not too many 13 year old boys want to go to the Priesthood session on a Saturday night.  There are way too many other things that he could do like:

1. Play Black ops on XBox live
2. Talk with his "friend" on Facebook
3. EAT
4. Play football with the neighbor kids
5. Hang out with Bosch, Nutima, and Braeden.

The list can go on, but he has a MEAN mom, and so he is off to Priesthood.  My dad like any good grandfather, bribed him! With the one and only Claim Jumper.  This seemed to do the job.  My dad said at first Colby was really looking pathetic, and I guess they were having some issues with the satelite so my dad informed Colby that his prayer must have worked because it looked like the session was going to be cancelled.  (That's my dad, always making jokes).  Anyhow, the night went by and the session wasn't cancelled. 

When they got home, Colby was asked about conference, and his reply was, "It was awesome."

WAit, did you hear that, IT WAS AWESOME! 

That's right, he said I guess this mean mom finally figured it out... force him to attend all his meetings and pray he feels the spirit... LOL. If it is the death of me, I will raise a young man who loves the Lord, honors his Priesthood, serves a mission, and marries in the Temple.   

Monday, August 29, 2011


So I haven't been on here in forever... just a little busy being a mom, and all the other hats I wear (I won't go into them too much).  Anyway, I have been meaning to take a moment to blog, and since I have been carrying a lot of sadness, I guess this is cheaper than therapy. :)

1989, the year is as clear as day.  My little world came crashing down on me... the little perfect life I had once known, vanished, in a flash. It was September and the days were getting shorter, and the weather was getting cooler.  School just started, and I was going to a new school.  "The new kid" is something all of us experience at one time or another, but it was a new feeling, a good feeling for me.  I felt important because my parents were now driving me to a really good school.  We lived in a rough neighborhood and my school became unsafe.

It was the year my mom turned 30,  she seemed so old a mature, looking back I realize she was still just a very young mom.  A dark family secret had surfaced, something I would rather not talk about, but would like to talk about the events that took place around this secret.  For me it was a not a secret, and only a few would share.  It was a Wednesday night, just like any normal school night.  There was a visitor at the door, my Aunt who had lived next door.  She took my mother in the bedroom and my mom came out with a very strange look on her face.  She looked mad, and for some reason I felt like it had something to do with me.  I would later learn, the following day, that as unfortunate as it was, I was in the middle of this family "secret".

Days would pass by, and I was interrogated by a couple of family members.  Now, I use the word interrogated like it was a bad thing, but it wasn't (I guess it is just the cop wife inside of me).  They asked me several questions, which left them with no choice but to believe the allegations.   In the days to come, I watched my extended family rally together, they rallied for all who were involved.  It doesn't surprise me to this day that they rallied around the victims of such secret, but what I always wondered about was the rally around the "other one".  I remember thinking, "Wow, my family is so forgiving, they love each other so much, that no matter what the case may be, they are always there for each other."

October came, and my brother got real sick.  My father was self employed and we didn't have good insurance, but my parents didn't have a choice, they had to take him to Good Sam.  He was extremely dehydrated, and was admitted to the hospital.  He was tested for a few things, but a resident doctor recommended that he be tested for Cystic Fibrosis.  Two weeks passed, and the call came from the hospital.  He tested positive... I remember hearing my mother screaming and crying (which was normal lately) and I thought it was still about what recently happened, then I heard the words, "Are you sure he has it? Are you sure?"  She ran outside and hid behind the truck.  Being a 12 year old little girl, I too wanted to know what was going on?

I don't remember exactly when I was told my brother had a terminal disease that would eventually take his life, but again, the haze came.  I was crushed to find out something was wrong with my little brother.

Now, back to the point of this blog, my extended family, they rallied once again.  I remember everyone being there for my parents, but it wasn't anything unusual.  The entire family would come together every weekend, I remember hugs were given out.  I can remember my uncles would come up and give me a hug and ask me if I was okay.  Everyone was there... everyone. 

2011- almost 23 years after one of the most altering years of my life, I am sitting in front of a computer, wondering... "what happened?"

The family that was so close, supportive, FORGIVING, loving, caring, those rallyers (is that a word?), where have they all gone?

Forgiveness is a choice (not in my book, but some may argue its a choice).  You can pick and chose what you want to forgive.  But my personal beliefs are: If you want to be a happy person, a loving person, a good person, a person of integrity, faith, good works, kind hearted, I can continue but I think you get the point, you have to forgive.  You HAVE to forgive to have room for love in your heart.  If you don't forgive, you may say you are the person I described above, but I know you are not.  You just can't be if you don't have sincere forgiveness in your heart. There will be no room for love. 

If you haven't figured it out, my extended family is in total chaos right now... the back biting, rudeness, unkindness, murmurings, lies, and meanness, well it is taking its toll on me.  I have to forgive... because it's not a choice.  I love myself too much to walk around with anger, I want to wear that smile on my face, and it be sincere.  Because that is just who I am.
I love the gospel, and I am so thankful for all the lessons on forgiveness.  I get it now... I really do.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Marley's big win!

 Marley joined the Stampede Cheer Squad in August!  She became quite the pro!  She is so amazing, she caught quickly to all of the cheers and because such a leader, even though she was one of the youngest on the squad.  Her squad went to the championship and they placed 1st! Isn't that awesome! 
 We had a large group cheering our team on!  This was important because some of your scores came from crowd participation! 
 Here is a photo of Marley shortly after she found out she won first place, but this was taken the exact moment they presented her with the "team spirit" stick.  All of the girls voted Marley has the team's most spirited!  She was so proud!
 Here is our group!  I had Shayn's boys for the weekend, so they came along!  We had so much fun! We celebrated by going to Ponchos!  Where else do the Holt's go to celebrate?
We are so proud of our little cheerleader!  Look out high school!


I can't believe how bad I have been about blogging.  I looked at some old postings and it made me sad to think of how often I blogged, and now only find the time every couple months.  I continuously read other friends' blog about their every day life, but can't seem to find the time to record our day.  Anyway. I thought I would catch everyone up on how things have been going around here.  We just recently went to Disneyland.  We took Debbie, my mother in law, for the first time.  She liked it, but I think she was a little overwhelmed there.  

The kids were really into trading pins this year.  We started it a little last year, but I bought some off ebay, and they traded away!  Below are some photos of their favorite pins.  I really like this hobby.  Colby said, "When I grow up, I am going to show my kids all of my pins! And they are going to be so jealous!"  I thought that was so funny.  

 I love how my kids are so happy, without any cares at all!  We live that hustle and bustle life, so having a moment during the year were we can all be together without any cares is really nice.  It sounds a little selfish, but sometimes I can't believe how crazy busy my life can get.  I love family times like these!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Few questions:

If any of you have the answer to these questions, please leave a comment:

1.  Why is it that we try to raise our kids to do the right thing, but other adults contradict what we are teaching?

2.  Why doesn't anyone see that it isn't teachers not doing their jobs, but the ever changing dynamics in the family unit. 

3.  It isn't that teachers are racist but only 52% of African Americans and 55% of Hispanics graduate from high school, so why is there pointing fingers? 

4.  Why aren't people nice?

5 Why can't we all work a 4 10 week?

6.  Why can't we put a comment in our own FaceBook status without people leaving rude ones?

7.  Why is it that I ALWAYS feel so dang guilty for things I can't control?

8.  Why are there wars?

9.  Why does racism exist?

10.  Why can't I sleep?

11.  Why can't we live in peace?

12.  Why can't laundry magically get done at night when everyone else is sleeping?

13.  Why can't I keep my house spotless like every one else?

I think I actually feel better :)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ray Holt April 21, 1944 - August 14, 2010

Ray at our Wedding, April 26th, 1997
Ray doing his life trade - approximately 1984

I have been waiting to do this post for a week and a half.  My father - in-law passed away last week of pneumonia.  He suffered from Alzheimers for the last 2 years.    My heart is aching so much, I find myself tearing up while I am doing my everyday routine.  Everywhere I look, something reminds me of him.  I know that I have to remember all the memories that I have created with him and share with my family. 
Ray,Kennedy, and I  - Christmas 1998
One thing I know for sure, is he loved his family, especially his children and grandchildren.  Like President Allen said, in some ways this was his fault, he loved them too much.  I remember him being over protective of our children.  Ofc. Holt and I have had several discussions about his dad taking over our children like they belonged to him.  Funny to me now, but at the time a serious issue.  I loved Ray.  I knew how much he loved us and cared about us that it swells my heart with pride.  He was so proud of us... i know this to be true.

He was so hard headed, I mean it!  I have never in my life met anyone like him.  When Ofc. Holt and I decided to live across the street from him, he moved us all by himself.  He couldn't wait until Ofc. Holt got off work, it had to be done, and so by himself, he packed up his horse trailer with all of our belongings and moved us in one day.  He had a smile on his face the entire time.  He was so excited, he could barely control himself.

Every Friday night, from the time we moved in till Lil'Colby turned school age, he asked for Bub to spend the night.  He loved him, he loved them all.

You could always depend on Ray.  No matter what obstacle Ofc. Holt and I would have in our young marriage, Ray gave all to ensure our happiness.  He loved his youngest son, so much.  I know that Ray's mind started going in 2004, but he couldn't have been more proud of Ofc. Holt when he graduated from the Police Academy.
 Ray was incredibly strong.  Up until two years ago he used to ride his bike from our home in Laveen,to the top of South Mountain, and back.  He Rodeo for 17 years and was a gymnast in College.

The funeral was amazing, and I know that is kind of a strange thing to say, but that is the word that describes it.  Tod and Ofc. Holt did such an amazing job in celebrating their father's life.  You were able to feel the love of family in that chapel, and I know I will never forget how I felt that day.  We will always love you!  God be with you til' we meet again.

I am going to miss you, Cowboy!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

End of summer

Well the dreaded day is here... the day before I return to work.  I have been an emotional wreck.  Some may think it is ridiculous for me to be crying and upset... but I AM.  During the summer I can be that perfect mom:

1. I make cookies with the kids, just because
2. assist them on things they need extra help with like multiplication tables
3. cook an actual dinner and enjoy it
4.  allow friends to come over
5.  cuddle with Marley on the couch without a hundred things running through my mind
6.  watch the sun set from my back porch swing while listening to Don Williams or George Strait
7.  talk to Ofc. Holt about little things, nothing too important
8. go grocery shopping without a time constrant
9.  do laundry because I can, not because we have no clean clothes!
10. do the dishes when I feel like it
11.  Scrapbook and play with the cricut
12.  search the internet for crafts that I would like to do
13.  go shopping on other days besides Saturday
14.  enjoy my Saturdays instead of running around like a mad woman because it is my only day to run errands
15.  I can continue but I think you see my point...

I am sad, so sad... Ofc. Holt told me today that I needed to find a new job if I didn't like the one I am doing, but wait... I love my job!  It is just the chaos I feel the entire time from August to May!  The guilt I feel from not taking my kids to church activities because I have too many things to do, or just wiped out from the week.  Or feeling like I have to schedule time with my husband because we never see each other.  I hate feeling to tired to help my kids with homework or my patience has official ran out because I had a rough day, or my yucky commute 2 hours a day... the guilt, the guilt, the guilt just builds up...  

Did I mention that I hate meetings?  School meetings, one of the biggest waste of my time... that is what I'll be doing for the next 3 days... AAAAAAA!!!!!