The Incredible Holts

The Incredible Holts
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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I love this word.  Our first family vacation this year was going to visit my family in Kansas.  It was awesome!  I love it there, it is where my family is from.  I have so much family history there.  The house my grandma was born in, the first place my grandpa worked @ 14, the house where we visited my great grandma every year growing up.  I love it, as a matter of fact, I would probably consider moving there someday.  
The best part of this vacation, it was totally spontaneous!   Monday, June 21st.  We told the kids to pack their clothes for 7 days.  We packed our clothes and loaded the car in 3 hours!  We left our house @ 9 PM, and we were off.  The kids slept most of the way, and woke up at 1 AM to be told we were in New Mexico. 

They were so confused (we told them that we were going to San Diego).  We told them that we were actually headed to see Toto and Dorthy, Marley responded, "Are we going to Kansas?"  Yep!  They were totally surprised!  Ha ha, so was my family!  We had a fun trip even though it wasn't planned!

Here are some of our pics from the great state of Kansas