The Incredible Holts

The Incredible Holts
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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

End of summer

Well the dreaded day is here... the day before I return to work.  I have been an emotional wreck.  Some may think it is ridiculous for me to be crying and upset... but I AM.  During the summer I can be that perfect mom:

1. I make cookies with the kids, just because
2. assist them on things they need extra help with like multiplication tables
3. cook an actual dinner and enjoy it
4.  allow friends to come over
5.  cuddle with Marley on the couch without a hundred things running through my mind
6.  watch the sun set from my back porch swing while listening to Don Williams or George Strait
7.  talk to Ofc. Holt about little things, nothing too important
8. go grocery shopping without a time constrant
9.  do laundry because I can, not because we have no clean clothes!
10. do the dishes when I feel like it
11.  Scrapbook and play with the cricut
12.  search the internet for crafts that I would like to do
13.  go shopping on other days besides Saturday
14.  enjoy my Saturdays instead of running around like a mad woman because it is my only day to run errands
15.  I can continue but I think you see my point...

I am sad, so sad... Ofc. Holt told me today that I needed to find a new job if I didn't like the one I am doing, but wait... I love my job!  It is just the chaos I feel the entire time from August to May!  The guilt I feel from not taking my kids to church activities because I have too many things to do, or just wiped out from the week.  Or feeling like I have to schedule time with my husband because we never see each other.  I hate feeling to tired to help my kids with homework or my patience has official ran out because I had a rough day, or my yucky commute 2 hours a day... the guilt, the guilt, the guilt just builds up...  

Did I mention that I hate meetings?  School meetings, one of the biggest waste of my time... that is what I'll be doing for the next 3 days... AAAAAAA!!!!!


Sherry said...

Remember always that there is no such thing as a "perfect" mom. Remember that your children are watching you impact the lives of other children every day. Remember what an incredible example you are to your own children and all those you guide, nurture and help raise every single day from August to May. Misty, your children will know what work ethic, dedication and service look like. And some day your children will know that you sacrificied a lot to enable them to have better lives. Yeah, summer is great but making a difference in the lives of children is even greater! I love you ~ hope you have an awesome year.
Aunt Sher

Edna Guerrero Cole said...

Misty... as I read your blog, I cried. I do know exactly what you mean. Being a teacher truly does change your home life around. We started with our meetings & setting up the classroom last week and tomorrow the kids come back. Although I know that what Aunt Sherry said is so true about teachers making a difference in the lives of children.... I am so glad that I decided to sub this school year with Jessica starting Kinder & Ande being a HS senior, I knew that if I signed my contract or took another teaching job, that I would not have time for them. But then again, Aunt Sherry is right again; our kids DO understand work ethic & dedication. Believe it or not, your kids will learn from your example. It's amazing the things that I have heard Ande say to her friends about me working. It has NEVER been negative, regardless of how much time I had put into my classroom instead of my family. I have 9 students, all are MMR. I met some of them today during meet the teacher. Even though I will only teach this class for the first month of school, I am excited but super scared on how I will impact these special needs kids. Anyhow, cheers & best of luck to you with school and especially with your familia who will be wonderful to you and love you for your dedication. Love ya lots!!!!!!!!