The Incredible Holts

The Incredible Holts
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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Priesthood and the incredible MER

First you might wonder, "What is a MER?" It's an acronym for Major Eye Roll. 

Learned it from Tiffany.  

Anyhow, what does an incredible MER and Priesthood have in common? MY SON! 

Last Saturday was the Priesthood session at the STake building.  My son was fighting me tooth and nails and didn't want to go.  I asked him to go with his grandpa because his dad worked. 

This has been an on going  battle for me... how do you raise a young man in the church who honors his priesthood and has the desire to serve a mission when his father hasn't been to church in almost 4 years??? That's what I'm talking about! Now, please understand that Ofc. Holt works on Sundays and tries to attend whenever possible, but basically I'm on my own here :).  

Colby (my son) is a good kid, don't get me wrong, and I am sure not too many 13 year old boys want to go to the Priesthood session on a Saturday night.  There are way too many other things that he could do like:

1. Play Black ops on XBox live
2. Talk with his "friend" on Facebook
3. EAT
4. Play football with the neighbor kids
5. Hang out with Bosch, Nutima, and Braeden.

The list can go on, but he has a MEAN mom, and so he is off to Priesthood.  My dad like any good grandfather, bribed him! With the one and only Claim Jumper.  This seemed to do the job.  My dad said at first Colby was really looking pathetic, and I guess they were having some issues with the satelite so my dad informed Colby that his prayer must have worked because it looked like the session was going to be cancelled.  (That's my dad, always making jokes).  Anyhow, the night went by and the session wasn't cancelled. 

When they got home, Colby was asked about conference, and his reply was, "It was awesome."

WAit, did you hear that, IT WAS AWESOME! 

That's right, he said I guess this mean mom finally figured it out... force him to attend all his meetings and pray he feels the spirit... LOL. If it is the death of me, I will raise a young man who loves the Lord, honors his Priesthood, serves a mission, and marries in the Temple.   


Mrs. Mendez :) said...

Force him and bribe him with food!! :)

debra g said...

You go, Momma! :)