The Incredible Holts

The Incredible Holts
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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Few questions:

If any of you have the answer to these questions, please leave a comment:

1.  Why is it that we try to raise our kids to do the right thing, but other adults contradict what we are teaching?

2.  Why doesn't anyone see that it isn't teachers not doing their jobs, but the ever changing dynamics in the family unit. 

3.  It isn't that teachers are racist but only 52% of African Americans and 55% of Hispanics graduate from high school, so why is there pointing fingers? 

4.  Why aren't people nice?

5 Why can't we all work a 4 10 week?

6.  Why can't we put a comment in our own FaceBook status without people leaving rude ones?

7.  Why is it that I ALWAYS feel so dang guilty for things I can't control?

8.  Why are there wars?

9.  Why does racism exist?

10.  Why can't I sleep?

11.  Why can't we live in peace?

12.  Why can't laundry magically get done at night when everyone else is sleeping?

13.  Why can't I keep my house spotless like every one else?

I think I actually feel better :)